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The Best of the Best of FanFic100
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Welcome to The Best of The Best of FanFic100!

This community is for fans and members of fanfic100. If you want to fangirl about someone's post, here's where you do it. I know that there are fandom-specific comms out there for this, but not everyone is a part of them. This is your place to share the love of your fandom through the writers of fanfic100 with those who may miss it otherwise.

You do not need to be a member of fanfic100 to post here.


We all hate'em, I know, but they're here to make this a pleasant experience. They are also called 'common sense', so please follow them!

  1. Always post links back to the post you are fangirling! We'd like to read it, too!

  2. When posting links to stories, link to the actual post and not the lj-cut that is within it, if any. This way the first thing we see when we click is the header information, which includes warnings and ratings.

  3. Make some mention of the fandom/characters/pairing/ etc. in your post, or in your subject line so we know what we're looking at.

  4. Please, no squeeing over every single story that gets pumped out by your fandom, or favourite author. This is the place to showcase those special posts that have a little something extra to them. It's quality and not quantity that we care about.

  5. On that note, No flaming. If someone posts about a story, you are not obligated to click that link! If you do, and you hate the story, feel free to disagree and engage in friendly debate, but no attacking other members! If you do, we will be obliged to sic Darth Vader on you and ban you from the comm.

  6. Please try and keep comments clean. We may have young'uns on the comm, and we would like to spare them. If you must utilize vocabulary suited for truckers and sailors, please put it behind an lj-cut and put a warning/rating before it.

  7. Some folks use a seperate journal for their FanFic100 posts. Please only link to that journal if it is available, unless the authors give you permission to post their personal journal to the comm.

  8. No Spam.

  9. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please email the mods.

    lightningsqueen = tatyana.steele [at] gmail.com
    obiami = admin [at] spaceport1.net